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Take Control Of Your Businesss Costs

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You could cut your business costs by £100's or £1,000's

We Are Better Price Group

Point of Sale - Card Processing - EPOS Systems - Electricity or Gas - Telephone Lines, Calls and Broadband - Business Finance - Tax Relief

Just some of the cost cutting services we can offer

Let us cut your costs and show you where you are probably being overcharged


Belfast Restaurant Saves £896..Lisburn Retailers Saves £946.. Liverpool Hairdresser Saves £800..Glasgow Café Saves £396

Businesses Owners 

It’s time you got more for your money

...Are You Happy With Your Bills?

Read this or regret it for the next few years

Question 1
Have any of your Utilities companies ever contacted you to say "Sorry, but we have been overcharging you? 

Question 3
Why do you think that they haven't contacted you to offer reduced bills?

Question 2
Have any of your Utilities companies ever offered you the lowest rates or charges that are available? 

The answer are very simple...

They want to get as much money out of you as they can before someone like us comes along to show you the overcharges and the hidden fees that you shouldn't be paying


...Remember where you heard it first

Read this or regret It

Here’s why Businesses in UK and IRL love us

Low Cost Card Terminals
Low Cost Business Telecoms
Get a Business Cash Injection
Save up to 40% on Energy

We can get you the lowest pricing on the market as we are independent experts in helping your Business cut costs on rates, fees and charges 

What would you like us to help you with?

We are not tied to any given supplier which gives us a unique advantage and allows us to offer you the best packages available to help you save money

We do not pass on your enquiry to a third party to deal with as we work with all of our customers directly on a one to one basis

Get a Business Cash Injection
Cut your Business Costs with Better Price Group

"First time Better Price Group showed me that I had paid too much for accepting bank cards in the shop. They halved the cost for the same service and even my new terminal is quicker. Later they offered to lower my electricity bill. We signed up without hesitation saving over £50 on each bill from next month. Only I regret we didn't do it earlier" Patrycja, Dominika Shop, Lisburn

"We had been turned down by two providers for a Merchant Services account for our new business because our type of business (tiles and flooring retail) appears to be classed as high risk by the Merchant Banks. The potential negative effect of this could have ended our business before we had even got started. Thankfully we found David Mulholland of BPG in Northern Ireland, who helped us through the application process, and as a result we were accepted and operational within a short timeframe. We would highly recommend BPG to any other business in a similar situation"  Florence Allen & Steve Lovesy at Island Mill

Client Testimonials

"Savings of very high magnitudes can be found by switching to one of the many cheaper tariffs on the market"  .. Source MSE­

Low Telecom Prices For All Types Of Businesses

Cheapest Telecoms For Business

Many customers in the UK and EIRE are overpaying for Telecoms because competition isn't fierce enough

Some Other Examples ­

Local and National Calls 2p min capped at 25p per hour - Calls to Mobiles 10p capped at 25p per hour - Business Brodaband £7 - £14 mth

International calls to 24 destinations 10p capped at 25p per hour - Unlimited Calls to Landlines and Mobiles £10 a mth

Deals of the week - 76 Mbps Fibre only £24.99 (normally £39.99)

Keep your existing lines and numbers without any disruption to your business

Choose from a fantastic range of packages to suit all your business needs  ...some examples

Unlimited Calls to UK Landlines & Mobiles For 1 Year

Free Unlimited Business Broadband For a 1 Year

Free Broadband & Unlimited Calls to UK Landlines & Mobiles For A Year - You Pay Only Line Rental

Line Rental £16.95 - Unlimited Calls £8 mth in year 2

Line Rental £16.95 - Broadband £8 mth in year 2

Line Rental £16.95 - Unlimited Calls & Broadband £18 mth in year 2

Additional Lines for these packages are only £9.95 mth per line

We can get you much lower rates for Lines, Calls, Broadband, Fibre, VOIP as well as Mobiles and Sim Only, saving you up to 93% on Bills, why pay more?

Free Broadband For Businesses

Free VOIP Handsets with loads of features and Unlimited Calls to all UK Landlines & Mobiles- Only £20 mth

Uncover the hidden value in your business or property

All commercial property owners who are UK taxpayers may be eligible to claim Capital Allowances tax relief

Capital Allowances Tax Relief 

Capital Allowances tax relief offsets the hidden expenditure in your commercial property.
Typically, this includes elements such as air conditioning, wiring, heating, lighting and security systems – essentially everything that would remain in the building if you tipped it upside down

Research and Development Tax Relief

Research and Development (R&D) tax relief is awarded to businesses that invest in innovation. This innovation can be in the form of developing new systems, processes, products, materials, devices, or any changes to the way your business works.

The chances are that your business is doing R&D without even realising it – no it’s not just for people in white lab coats

Our team of experts are here to help you determine if you have unused allowances hiding in your property

There is Tax Relief hiding in the work you do

Research and Development Tax Relief

Our team are experts in R&D legislation. We will determine if your activities are eligible for tax relief and if so, we’ll get you the best possible return.

Get financial returns

Capital Allowances Tax Relief

Capital Allowances

Your Accountants will more than likely not know anything about this so please still contact us and we can let you know if you qualify

Low Cost Point of Sale Solutions For All Types Of Businesses

Say goodbye to outrageous monthly fees and outdated technology

Chances are you’ve been bombarded by advertisements for credit card processing?

It seems like everyone is in on the game, who can you to choose?

Through our extensive range of suppliers in both the UK and EIRE we are able to find the perfect Merchant Services provider for your needs.

Low Cost Ingenico fixed terminals
Low Cost Ingenico Wi Fi Terminals
Low Cost Point of Sale Solutions
Low Cost Ingenico Mobile Terminals

Let us help you find the right credit card processing company for your business and the lowest rates

We help you to choose a merchant account that actually cares about what your business needs

New To Merchant Services?
Start Accepting Credit Cards Today - Free Set Up

Are you aware that accepting credit & Debit Cards can skyrocket your sales by an incredible 50 - 500%?
​​​If you don't accept credit cards, you can't compete in today's business environment

Card Processing Rates Saver
Chip and PIn Rates Calculator

Try our Card Processing Rates Calculator

1. Enter your last month's card turnover

2. Enter your last month's total fees

The Calculator will automatically show you what you should be paying - the % you could save - the monthly savings and the annual savings*

Credit Card Processing
First Data Card Processing Solutions
Elavon Card Processing Solutions
EVO Card Processing Solutions
Barclaycard Card Processing Solutions

Money for your Business when needed

We have direct access to a wide range of banks and independent funders to help get the best deals for your Business needs with all types of Business Finance Ranging from £3k to £5 Million

Business Cash Advance A Better Alternative To Bank Loans

In addition, you also receive 3 free outbound bank transfers per month.  No credit check required

Instant Online Decision   Simple Online Application form  No interview or paper forms required­

The account will be in your business’s name, so you’ll be able to invoice clients in your business name as you would with any high street bank.

The account also comes with Online Banking and all the same features you would expect from a High Street Bank, with the exception of a cheque clearing facility and international payments

What’s more, you don’t need to pass a credit check in order to open the account. Simply apply online in minutes in order to enjoy the benefits

•    No monthly fee
•    No charge for depositing cash at 14,000 locations
•    No charge for setting up Direct Debits 
•    No charge for inbound Bank Transfers
•    Manage Direct Debits, make Bank Transfers and more
•    UK Call Centre with top quality customer service

Business Cash Advance

Borrow Against Your Monthly Credit And Debit Card Turnover

Why A Merchant Cash Advance?

You Keep All Your Cash Sales - No Personal Guarantees Required
Pay back through a small % of your card transactions - No fixed monthly payments to worry about
We only get paid when you get paid - You can get funded over and over again
Use for whatever purpose you choose - No long term payments to worry about
Bad Credit applicants welcome

Need a Business Bank Account? 

The Cashplus Business Current Account is the low cost alternative to a High Street Business Bank Account. 
It comes at just £69 per year – there are no monthly fees. There are also no charges for depositing cash or receiving bank transfers.

Cashplus Business Account

A new approach to Business Banking

Asset Finance

Commercial Mortgages

Unsecured Business Loans

Buy To Let / Investment Property

Invoice Factoring Advance

Credit Card Factoring Advance

Working alongside the widest range of Suppliers

Free Energy Rates Review

Switching is the quickest and easiest way to save on energy bills

Suppliers will give you quotes to win your business   
Your quotes are Free & without any obligations

Save Up To 40% 

We Compare ALL Electricity & Gas Rates from every Provider in the UK and IRL

The Two Rules Of Utility Costs You Have To Pay Attention To:
1. You are NOT Married to Your Supplier!
2. There is ALWAYS a Better Price!

Low Energy Prices For UK & IRL

Cut your Electricity Bills

Savings of very high magnitudes are available straight away to customers who switch to one of the many cheaper fixed rate tariffs on the market. If you are currently out of contract we can keep you with your current supplier


­8 out of 10 businesses remain on standard variable tariffs (SVTs) supplied by - the so-called 'Big Six' suppliers.­
Many customers in the UK and EIRE are overpaying for energy because competition isn't fierce enough.

Current Vacancies

Careers with Better Price Group

Whatever type of business you may be in, you could be an accountant or solicitor, a sales person, a bar person or owner, a delivery driver, a director or co worker in fact it doesnt really matter.

Our Programme is designed for people or businesses who can provide us with new leads on a regular basis.

We do not expect you to actually sell anything, just to refer potential clients to us and we will do the rest.


We are committed to Businesses of all sizes in the UK and Ireland and that’s why we introduced a scheme to give back something to the businesses that we want to help.

New!  We have just introduced an App that will help generate business from our Introducers.. More

We set clear targeted objectives for our agents where you will play a direct role in any company's success and are key to our objectives. This makes the sales department the most important part of supply and demand of our partners Business Services products.

Because of this our agents have several duties and responsibilities within the company including client identification and developing new business.

By working alongside many of the top B2B Companies throughout the UK and EIRE we are able to achieve our goals whilst at the same time providing them with huge savings.

Register Your CV and Get Found

Introducers / Partners

Business Development Agents

Careers with Better Price Group

Refer a Friend or Business

Partner Referral Programe - Earn a real income from your business friends

You make the introduction and we do the rest

We can offer many services to your friends or business colleagues that will offer money saving solutions

Best of all we offer these services absolutely free of charge with no upfront costs whatsoever to your clients potentially saving them a Lot of Money and earning you an additional income while doing it.  We provide you with everything you need to be an introducer!

• Minimal effort   • No selling- We’ll take care of the sales process from beginning to end   • Unlimited uncapped OTE earning potential.  

Latest Business Utilities & Finance News

According to the telecoms regulator Ofcom, EE, BT and TalkTalk are the worst performing broadband providers for customer service. All 3 received the most complaints of any major broadband supplier between January and March 2016, followed closely by Plusnet.

With the use of contactless technology increasing month by month, it might perhaps come as a surprise to a lot of people to learn that the plastic credit card might well be on its way out. Companies are becoming ever more open to using the latest technologies.

Electricity costs have doubled for businesses over the last decade, says energy saving body the Carbon Trust, pushing sustainability issues to the top of the agenda. (source BBC)

EE, BT and TalkTalk are worst for customer service

Customer Service

Co-op & McDonalds Test Finger Scanning Payment Tech

Energy-saving technologies cutting firms' fuel bills

Fingerprint Scanner
Cut your Energy Bills

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We are not a price comparison site. We work directly with the providers and our customers and do not pass on your details to third parties.
Comparison sites will recommend the most suitable "price comparison" companies who pay them the higher commissions. Be Warned!
We always put our customers first


Newry Office Saves £3,465..Lurgan Shop Saves £796..Sheffield Garage Saves £365..London Bar Saves £989..Manchester Hotel Saves £2,698

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