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Chances are you’ve been bombarded by advertisements for credit card processing?

It seems like everyone is in on the game, who can you to choose?­

Being one of the only companies in the UK and EIRE to be able to offer our customers deals from 5 different Acquirers, we are in a very good position to help you find the best rates and fees for your Business

Merchant Cash Advance - Get £3k to £500k within 24 hours ­

Borrow Against Your Monthly Card Processing Turnover

Start Accepting Card Payments Today - Free Set Up 

Are you aware that accepting Credit & Debit Cards can skyrocket your sales by an incredible 50 - 500%?

These are a great alternative to a Bank Loan - unsecured - pay back when you earn

  • Only repay when you trade
  • 90% approval rates
  • 24-hour approval
  • No long term payments
  • No long application forms
  • No hassle
  • No fixed payback schedule
  • No hidden fees
  • Use for any purpose
  • Bad Credit applicants welcome
  • Better than Bank Loans
  • You Keep All Your Cash Sales
  • No Personal Guarantees
  • Get funded over and over
  • Pay back through a small % of your card transactions
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Merchant Services Solutions

All types of Point of Sale for Businesses - Card Terminals - EPOS Systems - Cash Registers

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Not Accepting Cards?   You Are Costing Your Business Money!


Customers Impulse Purchase and spend more when paying by card

“If your business does not accept credit cards, you can't compete in today's business environment”  Source MSE

The benefits of having a Merchant Account

  • Offer customers a Card payment facility
  • Attract More Customers
  • You get Higher Sales Values
  • Increased Turnover
  • Guaranteed Payments
  • Get paid on foreign currency transactions
  • Offer Cash back with Purchases
  • Less Cash on site
  • Less visits to Bank - less Bank charges
  • Improved Security
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Huge increase in Turnover

Upfront advances based on your turnover.

Finance your business up to £500,000 within 24 hours. 90% approval rates. No hidden costs

Start accepting credit cards for your business

Where you can see this message you can be absolutely sure this business is paying far more than it should for the card processing service 

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Merchant Services Solutions

For All Types Of Businesses

Mii-Promo, a powerful transaction-based marketing tool for independent retailers and challenger brands that drives sales and encourages customer loyalty

Introducing Mii Promo

Mii Promo

Uniquely, Mii-Promo uses customers’ existing debit and credit cards to register and operate which in turn helps generate new customers by providing special offers and loyalty rewards,

There is no requirement for expensive loyalty card schemes that independent retail businesses can rarely afford and often are very ineffective.


Once your customers have registered their own credit or debit payment card(s), Mii-Promo allows you to use their card transaction data to build up a profile of each of your customers so your business can carry out targeted marketing campaigns supported by our specialist Markadis retail marketing team.


In addition, the suite of data marketing tools that is the very back bone of Mii-Promo can monitor buying trends and customer behaviour to highlight and capture opportunities for the individual retailers.


It brings increased sales and a more open relationship without the need for investment in new point of sale technology or exhaustive back end data manipulation.

“By using technology that was previously not available to independent retailers, Mii-Promo generates customer profiles based upon real activity and then helps the retailer reach out to this profile in a personal way. Markadis’ expertise can drive loyalty, retail spend and the frequency of visits and will revive the personal relationships that have been the hallmark of independent retailing.”


The system itself is extremely simple to set up and use, with low start-up costs and packaged pricing to suit every budget and every customer receives direct support.


This software package includes a Terminal but most importantly

- No More Card Processing Fees


Grow your business with effective card-linked marketing tools

  • Easily  build a detailed profile of your customers and understand their shopping habits

  • Benefit from being supported by your own expert marketeer who will offer advice and assistance to optimise your marketing campaigns

  • Generate loyalty, increase the average basket size and encourage more frequent visits via special offers & loyalty rewards

  • Understand how your business is performing relative to previous sells and your competitors

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