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fast Cash for all types of business

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all types of finance for your business needs


Use for working capital

Working Capital

Expand Your business

Grow Your Business

Take a well earned break

Give away free holidays

Secured and unsecured finance for your business needs

Business Finance


Uses for whatever purpose you wish

Working Capital – Advertising – Marketing – Refurbishments – Purchase Stock – New Equipment – New Vehicles – Buy out a partner
Cash Flow – Take a holiday or anything else you can think of!



90% Approval Rate – Funding available in days not weeks – No fixed payment schedule – No early settlement fee
Fast and easy application process

Get the finance your business needs fast

Even if you have been denied a loan you could still qualify and be pre- 
approved for a cash advance in as little as 24 hours

Unsecured Business Loans


Asset Finance – Business Finance – Business Cash Advance – Bridging Loans – Merchant Loans – Commercial Mortgages
Secured Business Loans – Unsecured Business Loans – Buy To Let – Investment Property
Invoice Factoring Advance – Vehicle Finance – Fleet Finance – Agriculture Equipment Finance


We recommend  Boost Capital  for faster unsecured business finance with minimum paperwork




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 Our partners offer a variety of funding programs that compliment your cash flow without putting added pressure on your bottom line.​

 Small business loans are hard to get these days and there are many reasons why it is so difficult to obtain financing
for small business owners via traditional means.

fast Cash for all types of business

Do you accept credit or debit cards?

With A MERCHANT CASH ADVANCE you can Borrow £3K – £500K based on your Card Turnover!

A better alternative to normal bank loans



We recommend  Boost Capital  for faster merchant cash advance facilities with minimum paperwork



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Merchant Loans

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Business Loans Approved

You only repay when you get paid

Did you know that you could be eligible to get a Credit Facility on your Merchant Account based on your monthly card turnover?

A merchant cash advance lets you borrow capital for your business with flexible repayments to fit your cash flow

Unlike normal Bank Loans, a Merchant Cash Advance provides financing based on future credit and debit card revenue

Cash Advance V Bank Loans

Cash Advance V Bank Loan

These are proving very popular now all over the UK as it is a short term loan giving you the chance to get more money when you most need it


There are no long term commitments 

You can top up ongoing


How it works

The providers will purchase a fixed amount of your business “future credit and debit cards sales” at a discount

They will advance you a lump sum of cash based on future sales.

The repayment process is totally automated through your card processor at a pre-agreed percentage
between 10% – 20% of your daily card takings.

So you only pay back the finance when customers pay you via credit or debit cards.

No need to set up direct debit or write a cheque. …its that simple.



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