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Find sales agents who are already working in your chosen sector with existing customers and contacts.


Quickly connect with your chosen style of commission-based Reps
from traditional B2C and B2B sales agents to appointment setters to lead-generation affiliate partners and online sales portals

Getting the right agents has never been easier!








You can choose from 3 services to find sales agents – online sellers – affiliates – or lead generators

Increase sales without the risk of employing salaried sales staff.

Benefit from the flexibility sales agents offer.

No day to day expenses or salaries to pay, just a good commission rate for closed sales.

Fire up your sales with commission based sales partners experienced in your sector.



As the world’s No1 sales reps community Sales Agents go above and beyond to ensure every relationship delivers results.

A team of experts provide creative support for opportunity listings, contract templates, commission calculators, free sales tools,
even guideline sales processes to ensure every campaign is a success.

How Do I get Sales Agents The Easy Way?

How to increase your sales

Working with Sales Agents or Field Sales Reps is a great way to increase your sales while you get on with running your business.

You probably have external partners doing your accounts, marketing, or IT.



Now you can have the benefits of experienced sales professionals selling your products or services or
generating qualified leads all on a commission only basis.

The Services To quickly find agents

Sales Agents

The responses to your advert

The responses to your advert will come directly to you and include contact details that shows how the agents meet your requirements. 

talent Acquisition options

Get your new recruits without doing all the hard work!


With many years experience in both advertising positions and bringing in new Reps for various companies we can help in headhunting and locating the right people for your vacancies on various job boards

Building high performance personnel or field sales teams for your business and creating effective recruitment strategies for your needs.

We can also conduct an initial interview if required to help assess candidate skills for hiring managers.

So if you want new recruits without paying over the odds get in contact with us now

Working with external sales or recruitment partners reduces your company’s risks and saves time.

Compared to hiring employees there are less overheads and agents work on a commission basis, so you only pay for results.

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