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Are you paying too much for Your card transaction costs?

Cut your card processing bills

We can show you if you are currently being overcharged on your card processing transaction fees

Being totally independent this enables us to scan the entire market, unlocking deals and special offers as well as accessing savings unavailable
to most card processing competitors who are tied to specific providers

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Free current fees and rates review for all businesses

6 Months FREE Card Terminal rental if you switch providers
£100 – £600 buy out paid for you if still in contract – subject to status*

£100 cashback if you are new to cards

£100 paid for every successful referral you give us

Reduced monthly tariffs if you connect your new terminal to our Epos Systems

Low Turnover?  Get a Terminal from only £4.95 per month

High Turnover?  Get a Terminal from Free as well as preferred rates


* Amount of Buy Out provided is subject to monthly card turnover

chip and pin solutions – Cut your card processing bills now 

Your Business currently may not have the most suitable deals in place re transaction fees and you are more than likely paying more than you should be

We can provide you with a bespoke no obligation quote for your business that could save you £100’s or £1,000’s yearly

Card Terminals – Card Readers – Integrate with EPOS – Payment Gateway -Virtual Terminal

Whether you are new to cards or would like to switch suppliers we can have you up and running in no time


still not accepting cards?

Every single business in the UK that sells anything need to be accepting credit & debit cards to be competitive in today’s changing climate

Start accepting Credit Cards Today – Free Set Up!


Fixed Terminals

Fixed Terminals

A fixed countertop chip and pin device to keep by your checkout, these machines connect via a phone or broadband 

Wi Fi & Bluetooth

Wi Fi and Bluetooth

A wireless machine that gives you the freedom to accept payments from customers anywhere around your business premises

Mobile GPRS

Mobile GPRS

Operating with GPRS and UK / IRL network coverage, you can take card payments anywhere your business takes you.

New To Cards

New To Cards

Still not accepting Cards?
You are costing your business money as accepting cards increases your turnover 


Get a Free No obligation quote for your business that could save you £100’s or £1,000’s per year

Low cost EPOS Systems that can connect directly with your card terminals

We can supply both on a greatly reduced monthly tariff




Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Hosted gateways provide you with a ready-made payments page where all card payments will be managed by the card processing acquirer

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminals

You can send your customers a link taking them directly to a payment page. It’s great for creating convenience for you

EPOS systems

EPOS Systems

Complete EPOS system with the software and hardware tools to take payments and improve your ongoing business operations 

Cash Advance

Merchant Loans

This is a lump sum cash advance in exchange for a pre agreed small percentage of your future credit or debit card sales. 

Card Processing Acquirers

Ways to accept credit cards

See our guide to Merchant Accounts  

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If your business has a small monthly turnover but you still wish to be able to accept cards without the contracts and usual monthly terminal costs
then a portable card reader could be the solution you are looking for.

Visit our partners sites below for more details

Card Reader




some of Our Partners


First Data


Global Payments






PAX Terminals




Some Reviews

“First time Business Money Matters showed me that I had paid too much for accepting bank cards in the shop.

They halved the cost for the same service and even my new terminal is quicker. Later they offered to lower my electricity bill. 
We signed up without hesitation saving over £50 on each bill from next month.
Only I regret we didn’t do it earlier  Patrycja, Dominika Shop, Lisburn

“We had been turned down by two providers for a Merchant Services account for our new business because
our type of business (tiles and flooring retail) appears to be classed as high risk by the Merchant Banks.

The potential negative effect of this could have ended our business before we had even got started.

Thankfully we found David Mulholland of BMM in Northern Ireland, who helped us through the application process,
and as a result we were accepted and operational within a short timeframe.

We would highly recommend BMM to any other business in a similar situation
Florence Allen & Steve Lovesy at Island Mill

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Are you paying hidden fees?


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