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Types Of Chip and Pin Terminals

Do Any of these sound familiar?

2 fees for debit cards % and pence – Monthly maintenance fee £3.99 (for what?)
Extra management fees – Unneeded till rolls monthly at a charge of £19.99
Minimum monthly services charges (usually £15 –£35) – High Auth Fees (0.4p per transaction)
Monthly statement fee usually £4 – £5 – Interchange Fees – High rates for Debit & Credit Card Transactions
PCI Charged as a percentage of the turnover so often PCI charges are very high
Additional per-transaction fees – Non PCI Compliance fees (£15 – £25 mth)
Account on File Charge e.g. £4.99 per outlet per month fee paid annually in advance

Our Partners say NO to all of the above – START SAVING NOW

Fixed Terminals

Fixed Terminals

A fixed countertop chip and pin device to keep by your checkout, these machines connect via a phone or broadband 

Wi Fi & Bluetooth

Wi Fi and Bluetooth

A wireless machine that gives you the freedom to accept payments from customers anywhere around your business premises

Mobile GPRS

Mobile GPRS

Operating with GPRS and UK / IRL network coverage, you can take card payments anywhere your business takes you.

New To Cards

New To Cards

Still not accepting Cards?
You are costing your business money as accepting cards increases your turnover 

LOW COST EPOS SYSTEMS that can connect directly with your card terminals

We can supply both on a greatly reduced monthly tariff



Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Hosted gateways provide you with a ready-made pages where all card payments will be managed by the card processing acquirer

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminals

You can send your customers a link taking them directly to a payment page. It’s great for creating convenience for you

EPOS systems

EPOS Systems

Complete EPOS system with the software and hardware tools to take payments and improve your ongoing business operations

Cash Advance

Merchant Loans

This is a lump sum cash advance in exchange for a pre agreed small percentage of your future credit or debit card sales. 

Ways to accept credit cards

See our guide to Merchant Accounts  

Merchant Services Guide


If your business has a small monthly turnover but you still wish to be able to accept cards without the contracts and usual monthly terminal costs then a portable card reader could be the solution you are looking for.

Visit our partners sites below for more details


Square – Start Taking Contactless and Chip and PIN Card Payments Straight Away. Sign Up Today.

Accept All Major Cards. Real-Time Analytics. No Hidden Costs. 24/7 Support Centre.

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PAX Terminals







Global Payments

Exclusive package for businesses
offering takeaway services 

Get The Verifone* V240m Mobile GPRS Card Machine With Free Sim
For Only £9.99 Mth – Normal Price £24.95 Mth

Get Funds ‘from card machine to bank account’ the same day.

Membership cost only  £9.99 Mth


Funds back into your account in just a few hours.

Getting your money faster can improve your cash flow during slower periods of business,
allowing you to meet other financial obligations.

Verifone v240m Card Machine With Wi-Fi & GPRS Connections includes Free Sim Card

Mobile GPRS Card Terminals

Accept Contactless & Mobile Wallet

“Customer Not Present Transactions”
Customer Not Present is where your customers can’t physically present their card at the time of ordering. 


Having CNP activated on your card machine will allow your business to:

Take card payments over the phone Process payments from online orders

We are happy to discuss any bespoke agreements.

*Verifone terminal is subject to availability while stocks last. An alternative terminal will be provided in such cases 
Terms & conditions apply.
Whilst stocks last. (1) Pricing stated is based on a 36 month membership agreement.
Authorisation fees of £0.045 per transaction will apply.
(2) Same Day Settlement service carries a £0.30 per batch fee, as imposed by our associated acquiring bank. 
In order to receive funds the ‘same day’ you must batch your terminal by 3 pm.
Retail Merchant Services reserve the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time
MIN. SERVICE CHARGE £0 per month  .


On average, you can reduce your bill & payment costs by 35% – 75%




If your business falls into one of the sectors classed as high risk you may find it more difficult to obtain a
merchant account in order to accept credit and debit card payments

Dating and Escort Services
Forex Merchant Account/Services
Online Gaming & Gambling
Lender Merchant Account & Services
Travel and Tourism
CBD Oil / Vape merchants
Online Auctions
Events and Tickets
Membership Services
Account / Services
Tattoo Studios

Adult Entertainment
Credit Repair /  Debt Management
Domain Registration
Software Downloads
Prepaid Phone Cards
Tobacco and E-Cigs
Money Transfer
Technical Support & Web Development
Jewellery, Watches & Accessories
Vehicle Sales and Car Parts

Investment Schemes
Lender Merchant Account & Services
PPI Merchant Accounts & Services
Payday Loans
Health and Wellness Products
ISP and Hosting Services
Direct Sales and Pyramid Selling
Alcohol Products
Nightclubs and Bars
Crypto Currency
Phone Locking Services


Our Partners specialise in high-risk merchant accounts for businesses trading in the sectors listed above
They have established long-term, trusted relationships with a number of merchant banks
So after establishing your requirements, we will put your account application forward to
the best high risk merchant account provider for your needs.

Merchant Cash Advance

How to turn your card machine into a Cash machine


A Merchant Cash Advance (or Business Cash Advance) is a great way for any type of business who accept
card payments to raise funding or much needed working capital 

Popular with convenience stores, hospitality, pubs, restaurants and takeaways, as well as sole traders this versatile
finance is a great way to refresh your business

With no interest to pay and flexible repayments, it’s a perfect match for your cash flow

This is open to anyone who has have been taking card payments of at least £2,500 per month and for 3 months
or more and it is also a great opportunity to grow your business with quick, effective cash flow money

Cash Advance decisions are generally same-day or within 24 hrs, with the funds in your
bank account
typically within 2 – 3 days of your enquiry!

Merchant Cash Advances are repaid as a percentage of your actual daily card takings,
ensuring the repayments match your cash flow

Typically, lenders will finance a maximum of one month’s card takings, with that paid back over 8-12 months
and some lenders will even take into account your total business turnover

The exact size and length of the advance will vary by lender and your credit profile


A Merchant Cash Advance is not classed as a loan so this doesn’t incur interest charges

Instead, there is a fixed fee known as a factor rate which is applied to the advance and depending on
the length you decide to take you would pay less the quicker the money is paid back


Cash Advance repayments are collected from your card takings before you receive them

So there is no need to worry about making payments on time or having to pay later

There is no delay in your card receipts being received, so you won’t even notice the difference

Is it time to expand your business or get that working capital your business needs?


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