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 Sounds Too Good To Be True? – Well It Isn’t

Give away Free Holidays


Plug into the Exact System We Used to Give Away over 315,000 Trips

Advertising Boost Allows You To EXPLODE Your Profits – WITHOUT Increasing Your Ad Budget!

Give Away Vacation Incentives & More!

No obligations, no contracts, cancel any time, 100% risk free.

Offer your customers Free Holidays

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Advertising Boost

Add a free vacation incentive as a bonus if your prospect buys today. This will separate you from your competition!

Boost Your Referral And Repeat Business With Sales Incentives

Vacation sales incentives are a great way to get your customers to continue to buy from you and to refer you to others.


What is Advertising Boost?

Advertising Boost is a free vacation incentive program for small businesses, estate agents, insurance agents, in fact anybody looking to boost their sales.

Basically, you use Advertising Boost which charges a small monthly fee.

In exchange Advertisers can use this service to send clients and prospects to different places all over the world!

The increase in spotlight and sales that you will receive from this is ENORMOUS!

How does Advertising Boost Work?

The monthly fee to participate in Advertising Boost is just $49 per month.
How you implement the program is strictly up to you.

You are allowed to give away as many travel incentives as you have customers.

That is correct, there is NO limit to how many you can give out.

You also can use a voucher for yourself!

This program is put together by the same people that run BookVIP generated over 17,500 customer video testimonials using our vacation incentives.

Increase Your Bottom Line And Double Your Company’s Profits

Our clients are dominating their competition by increasing their profit margins with Advertising Boost.


How is this possible?

First off, hotels and resorts are rarely full but they are always open and still have their fixed costs and
always have unused rooms available.


Since we also own, the fastest growing online travel company in the world, they partner with us to help them fill up their otherwise empty rooms that they end up turning into additional revenue from other parts of their property like their in-house restaurants, the bar, the casino, room service, the spa or even an extra day stay.


They’re actually doing it for some of the same reasons why you would be using our certificates, to increase their repeat and referral business.

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What Others Are Saying…

“I sell coaching / training packages from $2500 to $25,000 and I’m using Advertising Boost to increase my conversions.”


“I want to thank Advertising Boost for this amazing service. I’m seeing a 60% increase in sales. I’m referring this to all my colleagues”


Join Our Facebook Community And Interact With Thousands Of Other Successful Advertising Boost Members

The Advertising Boost Facebook group is an incredible support community that helps you to hit the ground running.

See real time examples of other successful marketing campaigns using Advertising Boost vacation incentives.

This is a great place to interact and brainstorm with others.

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So What’s The Catch…?

There is NO catch. You can join Advertising Boost today for only $497 per year.

There are no other sign up or hidden fees.


Do my customers have to take a timeshare presentation in order to take advantage of your vacation certificates?

No, your customers will never be required to attend any sales or timeshare presentation.


These are real, top quality Resorts with no hidden fees or strings attached.


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How are you able to offer these incentives?

BookVIP has traveled over 1 million families to date and has contracts with the world leading hotel chains,
and resorts to help them fill their otherwise empty rooms.


We help fill empty rooms which the hotels, resorts turn into additional revenue from other areas of their property and future bookings.


Hotels rarely experience full occupancy, yet they remain open, providing rooms and  services at fixed costs.


So when hotels give out their rooms by partnering with AdvertisingBoost and BookVIP, they might  miss out on the room fee, but they already didn’t have that in the first place so at least now they have the opportunity to gain a customer for
their in-house restaurants, room service, their casinos, an extra day stay, future bookings etc.


The benefit of why our program works so well is the fact that it’s a win-win for everyone involved.


You win because you gain more business from using our incentives.


Your customers win because they received an awesome incentive gift from you.


The resorts win because they gain additional revenue from other areas of their establishment that they otherwise would not have been able to get and they also have a new client that may book with them in the future.


Here’s how it works. Currently, our US and Mexico incentives can only be used by US and Canadian citizens.


Our Tenerife Spain certificates are only available to citizens of Europe (including the UK).


Our certificates for Thailand vacations are available to citizens or residents of any country, except for citizens of Asian countries.


In other words, the Thailand vacation certificates can’t be redeemed by people they would consider “locals”.

To use certificates in Thailand, the establishments are looking for tourists from what they consider “foreign countries” outside of Asia.


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BookVIP will also offer additional upgrades and incentives that your client can choose to accept or not.


How many vacations can I give away with my membership?

As a member of Advertising Boost, you can give away an unlimited number of digital certificates.


Your customers can only use one in the US and one internationally.


Do the certificates have an expiration date?

Yes, our digital certificates created will be assigned an expiration date 7 days out from the date you sent it.


Please note that the expiration date shown on the digital certificates only pertains to the actual activation of the certificate.


After your customers activate a vacation certificate, they will have at least 18 months to travel.


To activate the guest simply needs to pay the daily taxes and fees that correspond to the certificate. They can activate by phone or online.


Do my customers have to set their reservations and travel by the expiration date printed on the certificate?

No. The expiration date pertains to activation of the vacation certificate only.


Once your customer activates by paying the taxes and fees of a vacation certificate they will then have at least 18 months to travel.


Example for our US resorts the activation fee is $19.45 per night and our Mexico offers is $19.70 per night.

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